2in1: Branding agency & video production.

What you get: full cycle content production for the impressive advertising campaign.

What we do: understand the essence and competitive advantages of your product and make your target audience fall in love with it with marketing tools.

7 years in the advertising market. In-house video production and portfolio we are proud of.


Easy consumer choice



making your audience buy.

MOROZOV. is a creative advertising and video production agency. We are a union of professionals creating brilliant brands, developing effective advertising campaigns, and producing fascinating advertising content. Your confident partner in wise advertising and clear brand communications.

360° ad campaign.
Shooting Commercials.
Branding & Logo Design.

Brands exist as long as people remember their advertising campaigns. We will not only draw consumers' attention to your product but also help you enter their lives organically. "Remember that ad?..."

- these are the reviews shaping the brand image. You will be talked about, you will be remembered, you will be advised, and you will gain loyal customers.

You get:

Communication strategy

Creative concept

Content production

The campaign’s launch and support

Your customer gets:

an obvious choice!

Own video production as a part of an advertising agency and own agency as a part of video production. Complicated? No way, it’s pretty simple!

We are experts in two areas and apply our experience in developing advertising communications in the practice of video production. So the end product will definitely meet your goals and ideas. Convenient, efficient, and without extra costs. Make sure on your own!

You get:

Creative commercial ideas

Advertising script and storyboard

Cast & location scouting

Professional film crew

Production and post-production

Your customer gets:

an obvious choice!

Your customers deserve to be partners of your brand. Buying a brand product, a person adopts the brand’s values. Remember your last important purchase. No-name doesn't work, does it?

The customer will form an impression of your brand anyway. So it is better to help him do it.

You get:

logo and identity



packaging and label

graphic design

website design

Your customer gets:

an obvious choice!

  • #weCover

    Civilian Covering Forces

  • Crypto Currency

    Coins Backer

  • Mascot for sport club

    "Lviv Angels" Cheerleading Sports Club

  • For Real Men

    «Hetman» vodka brand

  • WELLcome to Well Towers

    WELL Towers appart complex

  • New Brand for Exclusive Antiques


  • The art of sole production

    Soleart Style

  • Meeting the President

    President Vodka

  • Sports Club of Superheroes

    Cheerleading Club Lviv Angels

  • Your Active Dwelling-Style!

    «Forward» residential complex

Our customers.

The ambition of brands and business owners is our incentive and inspiration. Customers help us improve, and we improve customer brands with all our knowledge and experience. Repeated appeals of our customers confirm our work's quality available for view in our portfolio and the level of customer service.

International team

Ivan Morozov.

Since 2010 grew from graphic designer, and advertising manager to head of the advertising department, and owner of an advertising and production company. Implemented the acquired skills in 2015 in the format of his own creative agency. With all the experience above managed to work for such famous Ukrainian brands as the Hetman Vodka Plant, Riel Construction Corporation, President TM, DAGO style shoe manufacturer.


video producer

director and screenwriter of commercials

art director of advertising projects

advertising campaign strategist

Best crew.

MOROZOV - is not just a TM. The team of professionals formed over the years works for you. With no age or gender, or ethnic requirements. Only humanity and professionalism matter in our agency. Therefore, only the best specialists with significant experience in advertising work on your promotional projects.

Ivan Morozov

Producer, art director, film director.

A creative business task solver for the customer and a leader for the advertising project team. Over ten years of experience in advertising convinced him that a good producer will always choose a stronger professional team.

Lachin Allahverdi

Partner, Head of Video Production, DOP

Cinematographer, director of commercials, music videos, reality shows, and movies with 25 years of experience in video production. "Traveled halfway around the world - thanks to the producers" is his favorite phrase. Since 2018, he has been responsible for implementing ideas and shooting commercials as a Head of Video Production. Participated in advertising projects for TM "Hetman", TM "President", "Riel"

Fuad Aliev

Film Director

Winner of international and Ukrainian audiovisual festivals. More than 20 years of experience in video recording. Advertising, documentaries, TV series, reality shows - this is a non-exhaustive list of works. Channel 5 and STB Ukreinian TV channels' ex director. Filmed the "The Biggest Loser" show in Ukraine.



Develops digital promotion solutions and strategies for products and services. Uses all the opportunities of the digital environment to increase business profitability. Works the field of Internet marketing since 2013.


Designer, illustrator

Embodies creative ideas in visual forms since 2012. As an innate visual, sees an illustration and composition in everything. Easily creates visual elements for complicated projects on her own.


Designer, retoucher

5 years of experience as a graphic designer and 7 years of experience in photo processing. Cooperation with both Ukrainian and foreign brands in the fashion industry has left its mark - everything should look perfect and brilliant on the catwalk.


Sound producer

A sound designer who implemented projects and collaborated with: ZIK TV channel, Channel 24, and Film Studio named after O. Dovzhenko, Cultural Heritage Foundation in Ukraine (since 2017), and Wiz-Art (Lviv International Short Film Festival).


Makeup artist

A professional in theatrical and plastic make-up. Make-up stylist with 7 years of experience in studio make-up and make-up for photos and videos. Her works appear on the pages of Italian Vogue, photosets with Ukrainian celebrities, TV shows, and beauty contests.

Roma Jack

Motion Designer, VFX

We are "made in Ukraine”, but there are no distances and borders for advertising. We are available and open to other cities where your business is located. We will finalize the project in the shortest possible time (average 14-21 days).

Let's discuss yours!