Commercial video for crypto currency CBE

Coins Backer

The high-quality advertising video is the future of entering the market. Regardless of the complexity and type of product, you can show its essence, benefits and attract the target audience to interact in minutes or less. This time uses all the advantages of professional video production in an international-class project —  to present the CBE crypto coin by Coin Backer.

The Task and the Challenge

Coin Backer company appealed to with a need for a clear and vivid presentation of the crypto coin CBE in the giveaway format. The video should attract attention from the first seconds and lead the viewer straightforwardly to action: like it. Together with the customer, we defined the purposes of the promo video and its distribution as:

  • Organic traffic and display on the company’s Youtube channel,
  • Advertising on Youtube,
  • pre-roll for other videos.

The Innovative Message, the Traditional Associative Series

The more complex the concepts we need to convey are, the simpler and clearer visual range we accompany them. The new decentralized AMM exchange with wide and developing ecosystem needed a clear presentation, and the customer, Coin Backer, had an idea of ​​the video’s components. Since entering the online world was organized in the format of a giveaway, the primary associations were luxury, brightness, and festivity. According to the client’s wishes, the dancers around the main prize were to provide these emotional and associative series. And revealed and supplemented the idea by associating the appearance of a new coin with a fashion show and car presentation.

When Every Movement and Every Glare Matters

Despite the seemingly simple components of the video, we managed to achieve clarity and coherence in it only thanks to the experience and qualifications of the team. The play of light indicates the main subject and removes the emphasis from the models. Each beam from light sources and shiny objects concentrically goes to the coin, emphasizing it. And when the audience’s maximum attention is focused on the screen, a call to action appears at the point of its greatest concentration. The hand involuntarily reaches out to like, and only then to go deeper to details of the giveaway.

One Promo Video, Three Functional Formats

Anticipating the advertising video to appear on various channels of marketing communication, we created its three versions:

  • 30 seconds (primary) – for organic traffic and display on the Youtube channel of Coin Backer,
  • 15 seconds – Youtube ad format,
  • 6 seconds – pre-roll on Youtube.

15 sec

6 sec

Making Off

Due to the right accents, a clear call to action, and the fulfillment of all Coin Backer’s wishes, we brought the new AMM decentralized exchange with wide and developing ecosystem to the spotlight – in every sense of the word.

Proud of our cooperation, thank you for your trust!