WELLcome to Well Towers, the European quality residential complex

WELL Towers appart complex

The task:

  • to form a reasoned image of business-class housing construction for residential and commercial purposes,
  • develop the brand identity for use in promotional materials,
  • bring the benefits of residential and commercial real estate WELL Towers through the slogan and visual presence of the brand.

A dynamic logo to win the dynamic competition

MOROZOV.agency created an animated version of the logo communicating the speed of construction and reliability of Well Towers apartments.

Even the static version of the logo conveys movement, clarity, and a sense of height:

  • the horizontal lines of the letter E show horizontal movement, which creates an association with stability,
  • two vertical guides of the letters L go up endlessly symbolizing the construction speed and the success of the apartments’ and commercial spaces’ owners.
  • corporate colors are concise and stylish. They convey a sense of elitism, sophistication, purity, and modernity.

Different colors of the logo can be used to mark different types of spaces. Each logo color can have a unique descriptor allowing you to distinguish between real estate types and see the range of offers.

Branded pattern and plenty of options for commercial use

The pattern in the form of rectangles and vector slashes also symbolizes construction and movement. Thin lines look stylish in all defined color combinations you can use on endless branded items, from office furniture to badges and business cards.

Well-standard residential property is a wise investment in the future

Branding made materials for the promotion of WELL Towers residential complex fundamentally distinguish among apartments and commercial real estate in the market of new buildings. The MOROZOV agency team managed to create an identity leading to:

  • progressive solvent young people’s paying attention to apartments in new WELL Towers buildings,
  • commercial real estate in the WELL Towers complex’s attractiveness for investors,
  • visual associations of the appropriate level for a European-class housing in the center of Lviv

The higher the competition, the more you need to see and broadcast your unique value proposition through the brand. At MOROZOV.agenc, we have ambitions for such complex tasks.