A Grown-Up Rebranding of the Kids Sport Club

Lviv Angels

The Lviv Angels cheerleading club has been creating bright shows and filling sports events with energy since 2012. During this time, the Angel teammates grew from 5-6 yeared children into charming teenagers, formed new values of the club, and significantly changed the team’s perception by the audience.

The team has repeatedly won all-Ukrainian competitions, conquered the Bronze of the European Championship 2017 in Prague, and the Silver of the European Championship 2018 in Helsinki.

Grown out of an old brand”: the task and the challenge

Thus, the need for a new positioning appeared from within. And the society demands a mobile, healthy lifestyle for teenagers, the promotion of team spirit, the availability of sports, regardless of gender or appearance.

We were faced with the task of reflecting all the changes in positioning and conveying them through the new image of the brand. An effective brand presentation became another task.

The logo view before rebranding

The Professional Sports Club of Superheroes: the strategy and the plan

In cooperation with the club “Lviv Angels”, MOROZOV.agency identified the following steps for rebranding:

Positioning change:

  • from the children’s section to the professional sports club,
  • from “a girls’ sport” to “sport for everyone” with no age, gender, and figure restrictions.

Development of a new club identity, corresponding to the new positioning:

  • a font logo,
  • the emblem of the club.

A strategy for applying a new identity in merchandising:

  • use of the logo and emblem on the training uniform, accessories, etc.

Drive and independence in the logo and the emblem

Insight: Cheerleaders are emotional leaders going out on the game court to set the mood.

Logo and emblem developed by MOROZOV.agency:

  • convey independence and supremacy – in capital letters A,
  • encourage to straighten the shoulders – a symbol of the wings,
  • connect athletes with their hometown – the outlines of a lion,
  • stimulate the persistent progress towards the goal – vector and movement from right to left, with increasing size of lines.

The logo and emblem can be used both together and separately on different elements of the sports style of the club members.


Your Club of Superheroes

The slogan combines the ideas of “superhero in everyone” and “community of superheroes”, where joining the community is desirable and valuable. The Club of Superheroes is a place where existing team members are recognized, and the new ones are welcomed.

Superheroes wearing Instagram masks: An Online Campaign of an Updated Brand Presentation

Lviv Angels in a new form and with new content appeared on the social network:

  • the new design of coaches’ and club members’ profiles,
  • a vivid promo video showing the new values of the club and presenting the new slogan,
  • Instagram masks Neon, Wings, and SuperHero to increase the organic reach of the audience.

The results did not take long:

  • Lviv Angels’ new style became popular and recognizable thanks to the organic reach of almost 44,000 people.
  • the club received more fans and many new requests for training participation from boys and girls of all ages,
  • the teammates became even more united thanks to the entertaining content created with the help of Instagram masks and a poetic slogan.

The embodiment of team spirit: a mascot named Blym.

We created a corporate character of the Lviv Angels club named Blym. There is a separate case study on the website about him. His image meets and accompanies athletes and their parents. Blym speaks to them from social networks and inscriptions on the doors and walls of gyms, locker rooms, and official spaces.

Lviv Angels are a power!

Support wings take us higher!

Believe and never stop!

Your Superheroes Club.

MOROZOV advertising agency is proud of its cooperation and rejoices in its success. Business growth, positioning change, the new direction of activity — there can be even more backgrounds for rebranding. So if the old brand does not fit anymore, we invite you to talk about it and find a solution together.