Team Spirit: Corporate Character Blym for the “Lviv Angels” Cheerleading Sports Club

“Lviv Angels” Cheerleading Sports Club

Building relationships with the target audience community is one of the main tasks of the brand. Establishing an emotional connection and understanding are crucial in this context. A mascot, a corporate character, is an excellent tool for expressing an emotional palette, increasing the team’s enthusiasm, and rising the interest in the brand. created a character named Blym during the rebranding of the sports cheerleading club “Lviv Angels.”

The cheerleading club “Lviv Angels” consists of over 12 sporting sections, headed by 15 masters of sport. The team has repeatedly won all-Ukrainian competitions, conquered the Bronze of the European Championship 2017 in Prague, and the Silver of the European Championship 2018 in Helsinki.

The task and the goal

We faced the challenge to create:

  • a talismanic character, but not a costume in which one of the cheerleaders of the team performs,
  • a friend superhero, but without reference to the well-known types,
  • a supernatural identity, but without religious or cosmic connotations.

Who was created with such conditions and creativity of the MOROZOV agency? Meet Blym.

The team’s soul

Blym is a charming character. He could be an angel or the image of a soul in a cartoon. We decided that Blym’s essence is the emotion of support. The inner superhero, who lives amid every athlete and knows the best words of encouragement in the world, when it is necessary to overcome yourself for a new achievement. Professional sport has a lot of these achievements. And in the daily training of cheerleaders unite into years of hard work, physical exertion, work on flexibility, and other challenges, which cannot do without mutual moral support. It would be nice if someone could whisper the necessary words in your ear, both to the team members and coaches. 

“Lviv Angels are a power!
Support wings take us higher!
Believe and never stop!
Your Superheroes Club.”