TV commercial. For Real Men. The Hetman Class Quality

«Hetman» vodka brand 

The task:

  • Develop a script and communication messages based on the actual slogan “Hetman Class Quality”
  • Form a vision around the principle: “We ensure the impeccable quality of Ukrainian alcohol.”
  • Maintain a 40+ audience and increase brand relevance for a 30+ audience.
  • Modernize the brand.

The result

The work resulted in an advertising campaign on more than 15 central television channels.

We decided to modernize the brand straightforwardly. With the key message: “Yes, we were relevant yesterday, relevant today, and will be relevant tomorrow.”

Even at the stage of creating the script, we understood the brand philosophy as the video’s main point and focused on its renewal.

We couldn’t do that in prose, so poetry came out:

“For real men and highest ranks,
For their worthy party
Until this day, we have remained
The glass of art and hearty!”

MOROZOV agency embodied “Journey in Time” in a commercial video with a combination of past and present images. The video shows a fun party in the folk style with a sharp transition to a modern feast.

15-second version


It is noteworthy that during the filming of the commercial “Hetman Class Quality” the roles of Cossacks and secular people in the feast were performed by the same actors.

The table was set with real treats, which made the video production process more difficult for both the film crew and the actors.