The art of sole production: branding for

Soleart Style

A manufacturer of two-tone ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) soles came to, and we immediately realized the cooperation’s ability to be exciting. products have nothing to do with gray-black monotony, the stereotype connected with the word “sole.” So the team decided to make the brand and its logo just as bright and full-color.

The brand’s essence: innovators and fans of their business

Together with, we identified the following key points that needed implementation of branding tools:

  • innovation in the production of EVA soles
  • European quality standards and technological reliability,
  • an artistic approach to design and production.

The task of creating and designing an innovative, eloquent, and bright brand, its logo and identity, as well as a strategy for their use in merchandising, arose for us.

The target audience — footwear companies and enterprises, network clients, and wholesale clients. These groups require the clearest possible conveyance of the benefits of the product and the benefits of cooperation.

A rebellious logo created the font logo of where each letter has a character and meaning:

  • the letter “e” consciously disagrees with everyone and creates the prospect of growth. Its outlines are simultaneously serving as exaggerated bow laces in the counter form with the letter “l” and the inscription “style” at the bottom.
  • the inscription “style” is deliberately hidden and does not distract from the main proper name. The conversational name of the company will still remain “Soleart”.
  • The logo, like the sole of the company’s production, consists of 2 parts: a large “soleart” and a smaller “style,” where the word “style” works as a metaphor for the sole located under the letters “l” and “e.”
  • the horizontal lines of the letters “r, t” show a rebellious nature, breaking out of statics and creating a curve. In this line, you can see the rise of the foot, an element that logically formed the basis of visual identity.

Color… more color!

The team has identified three primary corporate colors and a more extensive palette of their shades. In addition, separate color palettes decorate each collection of soles: for men’s, women’s, children’s, and unisex shoes.

“Two-component logo for a two-component colored sole. And in general, soles and shoes are all about the number “two”

Pattern and icons for merchandising

Additional visual elements emphasize the corporate style and allow the creation of stylish accessories with company symbols. 

European quality of the sole!

That is every potential buyer’s or partner’s impression at any point of contact with the brand.

In cooperation with, the brand received:

  • a vivid and recognizable identity,
  • classy corporate style elements,
  • a professional website and other visual and textual tools to increase brand confidence,
  • increased interest of the target audience in a new product, a two-tone sole made from EVA.