Meeting the President

President Vodka

The task:

  • Develop a script and communications for the brand’s entering the market.
  • Shooting and producing a video.
  • Through the repetition of the name “President”, create an association with alcoholic beverages, and spread it among the target audience.
  • Customer’s wishes: cold and snowy weather in the frame.

The result: Find a slot for the meeting! We are meeting the з “President”

«Знайди час для зустрічі! Зустрічаємося з „Президентом“»

We used the next methods, working on the campaign:

  • Audience segmentation. Every promo video is targeted at a special group, therefore, people of different ages, social statuses, and gender appear in advertising.
  • The «programming» of the ТМ’s name. The only phrase “Meeting the President” sounds in the commercial video, for the audience’s remembering the President ™ name. 
  • Keeping the viewer’s attention. We created an intrigue to keep advertising not intrusive but exciting, instead.


MOROZOV production faced the task of shooting winter scenes in May at a temperature of +20 ° C. We took general shots at the top of Dragobrat Mountain, as it was still snowy there. Filming magic made the rest.