Branding for a vodka trademark


A brand of horilka President is presented on the market under three names: President Silver, President Gold, and President Platinum. He can rightly be considered one of the leaders among alcohol producers, and President’s products are on the shelves of supermarkets of major retail chains.

Positioning. Since 1782 

“A premium brand of horilka, with a unique history” is the primary message to the brand’s customers. We had an original old recipe and the factory’s history, so positioning based on “historicity” became the best option.

The brand story

An ancient recipe book in the laboratory archives of the plant, where the primary recipe was created and adapted to modern technological production requirements, is the starting point for the brand story.

«The high-quality horilka by President is produced in Lviv. The city’s tradition, history, and culture of alcoholic beverages production are the oldest in Europe  – since 1782! For more than 235 years, Lion city has been preserving and improving the technology of making horilka according to traditional and original recipes. Resident horilka came out thanks to an extraordinary discovery. In the laboratory archives of the distillery, they found the book “Horilka” (“Gorzelnictwo,” 1895, Lviv), describing the experience and recipes for industrial producing and purifying horilka. According to one of the recipes, adapted to the latest technology, Resident horilka was created. The date of this recipe almost coincides with the beginning of the world history of the presidency (1789). In many countries, presidents replaced monarchs during the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. In earlier times, horilka from Lviv was delivered to imperial and royal courts, and now it is put on presidential tables».

Work on brand corporate style

We decided to use colors that have already become classics in the spirits industry – gold, silver, white and black. These colors harmoniously combine with redrawn illustrations from the ancient book. In this way, we made the historicity of the brand and its relevance collaborate.

The corporate identity provided ready-made solutions and visual examples of branding elements for several groups at once: consumers, partners, HoReCa, and retail.


Our agency developed the design of trade counters for product presentation in the network of branded stores of TM “Hetman” and duty frees at airports. During the work, we tried to fulfill the requirements of the customer:  

  1. Maximum use of the minimum area (60 x 60 cm);
  2. Expensive and prestigious look.

We also thought about the ergonomics and practicality of the racks, so we made them in the form of ceilings. So access to products is possible from all four sides.

Branding of prefabricated structures – racks for samples of products used at trade shows or for retail partners. 

Advertising campaign and video production

Before the TM entered the market, we launched an advertising campaign with the slogan “Find time to meet! We are meeting the PRESIDENT” for rotation on central TV channels.

  • Develop a script and communications for the brand’s entering the market.
  • Shooting and producing a video.
  • Through the repetition of the name “President”, create an association with alcoholic beverages, and spread it among the target audience.
  • Customer’s wishes: cold and snowy weather in the frame.

The result: Find a slot for the meeting! We are meeting the з “President”

This video is a part of set of three commercials an advertising campaign prepared by on the occasion of the launch of the Hetman distillery, horilka from President TM. To explore all set