Distributional Company Branding

Zevs Distribution

Zevs Distribution company is a  — leader in the Western Ukrainian alcohol market. Production and distribution of liqueur and spirits products are its main strategic focus. 

Logo development

Zevs Distribution approached us with the need to create a new logo and update the identity.

MOROZOV.agency set a clear goal – to develop a concise and meaningful logo.

What did we have? The company’s field of activity (alcohol production and distribution) and the name “Zevs” (Zeus) immediately led to the idea of the Greek god, lord of thunder and lightning.

Lightening + a bottle of alcohol + Zeus + distribution

We started with lightning. MOROZOV.agency developed an original font: the letters, especially “S”, resemble the lightning storms thrown by the mighty Zeus.

We singled out the letter “E” in a contrasting color, for a special purpose. When looking closely, you can see that it resembles the thread of the bottle’s neck. Here is such a slight emphasis on the company’s activities.

Corporate colors

According to marketing research, most consumers of alcoholic products respond well to the words “pure” and “transparent.” So the task transformed into “What’s the easy way to describe the distribution of alcohol?” Plenty of transparent bottles travel to various outlets. So cold shades will be appropriate: the window glass, the ocean blue, the deep blue sky from where Zeus throws lightning.

Brand identity and corporate style

Dark blue associated with reliability, authority, and confidence has become the primary color. As an auxiliary, we used blue, which adds lightness and helps to focus on key visual elements.

This successful combination of colors helped to form the company’s identity and create a visual image of a reliable partner easy to work with.