Here’s the Thing for «SHULAK»!


The task:

  • Develop a script and communications for gym advertising.
  • Shoot a scene without a single frame with the training process.
  • Beat the difference from other gyms based on the UTP and focus on the result, not the process.
  • Add a touch of humor or self-irony to the gameplay.
  • Due to the repetition of the name of the “Shulak” gym, spread it among the target audience.
  • Focus the advertising product on an audience of 40-55.
  • Shoot the promo videos.

The result:

«How to film the gym and weight loss program advertisement out of the gym ?!»

Easily! To start with, MOROZOV agency proposed to divide the female and male audiences. As a result, two commercials came out with clear characters that suit the audience of existing and potential customers. They are successful people with above-average wealth, satisfied with almost everything in their lives, except for their bellies.

What did they play with as children? Boys —  toy cars, and girls —  dolls and dresses. Since one of the tasks was to prepare an advertising script without the gym staff, we decided to use an auto showroom and a boutique.

Our main character, whom we named Antonio, is a businessman. He can buy any car in the showroom, but a tiny annoyance of a belly resting on the steering wheel becomes an obstacle. The heroine is Penelope, who can choose the most expensive dresses, but they do not always fit her.


Everything’s the same behind the scenes: a lot of professional equipment and a great film crew. Perhaps, choosing the characters and the film heroes became the most exciting part. Finally, a professional cast worked in the male commercial, and in the female plot, we bet on the characters.

Penelope —  Olga, a lawyer of the construction company;

Chinese couturier stylist —   Xu Van Ying, a professional vocalist.

Antonio —  a professional actor Nazariy Kit;

manager of the car show —  model, dancer, and artist Taras Volokh.