Ready-Made Apartments from «Riel»!


The task:

  • Develop an imagery video for TV and YouTube.
  • Inform customers about the availability of ready-made apartments from “Riel.”
  • Inform customers about installments of up to six months for finished apartments.
  • Support offline advertising based on the current positioning and design of the board by the video.

The result:

We turned the “readiness” of the apartment from the developer to the “readiness” of the apartment for the client. The opportunity to buy a ready-made apartment for a client means immediate enjoying the new home: new curtains, fresh juice in a new blender, a new vase on a new table.


Ready-made apartments from Riel. Are you ready?

Choose a ready-made apartment in one of the residential complexes from the  «RIEL»  company and pay it off for six months.