Packaging design

ТМ President

Horilka brand President presents its products in the premium segment of spirits, where gift packaging’s role is crucial. was entrusted to develop the design of cardboard packaging for President Silver 0.5 l, President Gold 0.7 l, and President Platinum 0.7 l.

We designed the packaging in harmony with the brand’s positioning and its historical legend. So we used the following elements:

  • the inscription “Since 1782”;
  • an image of the first factory’s engraving;
  • the brand legend.

That allowed us to make the appearance of the packaging concise and restrained – just what you need for a premium brand.

We used the technology of selective varnishing in this design element. The three-dimensional glossy elements covered with a transparent varnish are harmoniously combined with a matte base. The box is so pleasant to touch that you do not want to put it back on the shelf.

The packaging design has an additional option: if you display the product in three rows, the boxes form a whole image of the engraving. Undoubtedly, this peculiarity attracts the potential customers’ attention.