A Social Video to the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

Rostyslav Melnyk, «Riel» construction corporation

The task:

  • Develop a script and shoot a social video for the Constitution Day of Ukraine.
  • The topic: construction industry.

The result:

A social video with a happy ending and deep meaning. The plot does not contain answers to questions, promises, or calls to action. This video raises the issue of earnings from many points of view. Every viewer has surely felt their own vulnerable pain point: construction developers – in the outflow of qualified personnel abroad, parents – in the difficult choice that lies before them now or in the past. The phenomenon of earning money abroad affects everyone, not only people who dare to take such a step, but also their environment. Emotion is what we wanted to evoke in the viewer to make the audience think about change, and believe in the future!


There was plenty of light and equipment on the stage, and a large professional team worked. But a young protagonist became the real star of the video playing the leading part so talentedly.