The concept design of the label

ТМ «Perlova»

There’s a long story about’s design process on the Perlova horilka label. But it seems to be the case when you need to just watch and enjoy.

«Perlova» trademark is a premium horilka brand with a history. The purity of the product is the basis of brand positioning.

«Perlova» name is a Ukrainian transliteration of the word «pearl»

The meaning was indicated by a small image of a shell with a pearl in the logo and on the label. faced the task of redesigning the label. The main point was to maintain brand awareness but radically update and modernize the perception of products and brands.

The appearance before rebranding.

Well, we accepted the challenge, and in a few weeks, a new design concept for horilka labels and visuals for TM Perlova. We made a pearl the main focus and the central element of the packaging composition..

No need for words here. Just enjoy the precious pearls …