The “Hetman” class quality.

«Hetman» alcohol spirit plant

Hetman is one of the TOP brands of Ukrainian alcohol represented on the world stage. The products of the Hetman brand are widely recognized by a satin-decorated bottle of horilka with the image of Ukrainian hetmans.

There is a mega-powerful production complex, the eponymous horilka plant “Hetman,” behind the bottle and the TM. “Hetman” has an impeccable reputation among partners, but is less known among end-users. faced the task of modernizing brand content and developing a new position for the whole company, its partners, and consumers.

GO. Export

There were two purposes for the change of positioning:

  • increase sales and strengthen positions in the Ukrainian market;
  • increase the export indicators of the plant’s products (TM Hetman horilka, TM President horilka), entering new promising foreign markets.

The mission. The history. The technologies

Brand mission development

«Hetman is more than 200 years of experience in producing horilka. The Hetman plant combines modern technologies and the advanced developments of the in-house technologists, which helps to create quality alcohol and constantly improve it. We systematically confirm the quality of the national product in the global arena, occupying high positions in European markets and meeting world standards.»

Mission: providing the impeccable quality Ukrainian alcohol

How to make the promo video watchers see it all without rewinding or switching?

In addition to its own brands, such as “State”, “Hetman”, President, and “Kyiv”, the “Hetman” plant produces about 160 varieties of horilka as a contractor for other well-known brands. So we produced a B2B-oriented video.

Insight: Horilka is not just 40% alcochol and 60% water

Most Ukrainian market players know the whole technological process of alcoholic beverages production, so the authority and reliability of the Hetman plant as a partner did not need to be strengthened. In the video, we focused on the audience’s emotions and added a touch of humor. The viewers do not switch from a boring video of the production process but get a new vision and a fresh look.

Retail branding

The design of the promotional stand for product placement in the Hetman’s network of branded stores and for participation in specialized exhibitions started from scratch. We developed a new branding of prefabricated structures because of the deserved exclusiveness.

The promotional stand was created to be used on a variable area. 

Website development

One of the company’s priorities is to increase exports, so improving the website was a crucial task. And the best improvement is to create something new, so that’s what we did.

Showing is better than telling

The product in the first place

We bet on video content. And it seems to have worked. Video backgrounds have been successfully combined with a small but sufficient amount of text.

For the users’ convenience, we presented the products on the Internet via photo 3600  technology.

Advertising communication and TV commercial video

At the stage of creating the script, we realized the desire to convey the brand’s philosophy in this video and focus on updating it. We couldn’t do that in prose, so poetry came along:

For real men and highest ranks,
For their worthy party
Until this day, we have remained
The glass of art and hearty!