Horilka is not only 40%

«Hetman» alcochol plant

The task:

  • Developing a script and producing a corporate film with the overarching idea of ensuring the impeccable quality of Ukrainian alcohol.
  • B2B direction: profile exhibitions, partners.
  • No boredom.

The result:

How to make the promo video watchers see it all without rewinding or switching?

There aren’t a blacksmith, the fakirs, the Queen, the beekeeper, and a surgeon at the horilka plant. But what if there were?

In addition to its own brands, such as “State”, “Hetman”, President, and “Kyiv”, the “Hetman” plant produces about 160 varieties of horilka as a contractor for other well-known brands. Their customers are the primary target audience of the video.

Insight: Horilka is not just 40% alcochol and 60% water

Most Ukrainian market players know the whole technological process of alcoholic beverages production, so the authority and reliability of the Hetman plant as a partner did not need to be strengthened. In the video, we focused on the audience’s emotions and added a touch of humor. The viewers do not switch from a boring video of the production process but get a new vision and a fresh look.