«Ecoland» school network

The task:

  • Develop a script and shoot a Christmas promotional video.
  • Gamified plot with an emotional component.

The result

An imagery Christmas video is an effective tool to increase customer loyalty. But it wouldn’t be quite right to invite-only children who study in the network of schools “Ecoland” for filming. We have created a story about mutual aid telling that miracles seldom happen by themselves. Sometimes it is worth creating a miracle for your neighbor. Whether it’s a gift under the Christmas tree, a sign of attention, a smile, or a “high five” (they say tutors and teachers still greet each other in this only way at school 🙂

“Miracles. Oh, those miracles! We look forward to them regardless of our age or season because we are all dreamers. But, you should agree, that a miracle will not happen if we do not create it for each other. Ecoland Lyceum is a school where miracles happen.”


The weather often fails our shooting plans, but the film crew took care of everything. A few bags of salt, snow machines, and Christmas decorations helped to capture the material in the fall as we needed to prepare it in advance. The children played the roles of themselves.