Communication message: Best wishes from Ukraine

The web service is popular for anonymous job search and recruitment in the IT field. User contacts are not published, so you can easily look for a new job without worrying about the current employer’s interests. Thanks to this feature, the site has gained a lot of popularity.

There are two types of users on job seekers and companies/recruiters looking for professionals. Maintaining a balance between applicants and recruiters is among the main tasks of the service.

This case was created for advertising communication at specialized foreign exhibitions, where representatives of promoted the service among recruiters.

Specialists from Ukraine are quite popular in foreign markets. Therefore, the purpose of this campaign is to draw the attention of new foreign recruiters to Ukrainian specialists in this service.

Together with the customer, we thought about the advertising slogan and suggested a greeting as the most appropriate format. It conveys two important messages: 1) the service is ready to cooperate with foreign companies; 2) it has an extended base of Ukrainian specialists.

Best wishes from Ukraine

A fingerprint image consisting of zeros and ones (binary number system) and the address of the site has become the visual key. Of course, anonymity when looking for a job is the basis of the company’s positioning. But there is a need for the identification of a specialist at the stage of the interview.

The visual key is ready. It helped to distinguish the company qualitatively from its competitors at specialized events. However, our client also sought to attract more recruiters. As they say, image is not the only thing. It took something else for potential recruiters to come to the service and evaluate all its benefits.

«Djinni is already a gift for recruiters»

This is exactly what we wanted to say in a live conversation with recruiters at exhibitions. The customer picked up our agency’s idea to develop gift cards in the form of greeting cards. The service itself is a gift, because at the stage of search it is already free for recruiters, so no discounts or special offers are needed.

We left the call to register on the site, and wrapped it as a bonus: if the client registered on the service within a week after the exhibition, he gained free access to the analysis of the Ukrainian IT market, prepared by the company