Creating a shoe manufacturer’s brand

«Dago Style»

Shoe factory DaGo Style was founded in 2014. During this time, the company managed to establish itself in the markets of Ukraine, Poland, Romania, and Moldova. Dago Style sells its products independently and works with large wholesale distributors and large retailers.

Logo Development

«Everyone deserves to look good, even in low-cost shoes»

The brand owners repeatedly said this wonderful phrase. And it is not just a good theory – they put it into practice at every stage of production. This approach to work inspired us, and we made every effort to portray it as best as possible in the brand content and logo of the company.

Corporate colors

We conducted research and realized that the company initially made shoes (clogs, slates, slippers, flip flops, galoshes) from EVA material. Most of the models were black or purple, and the thing here is the production requirements, not someone’s preferences. During the shoe production from EVA material, many of raw materials were mixed, and models of various shapes were continuously molded from the mix. Therefore, black and purple became the base colors.

In addition, the company manufactures both men’s and women’s shoes, so we were looking for a solution that would attract people of both genders. Finally, they decided to use several shades of purple – from light lavender to dark purple. Each of them successfully combines the classic black color.

Branded pattern

Retail and content design

«Everyone deserves to look good, even in low-cost shoes,» — the customer stated. «So, everyone deserves the opportunity to see attractive advertising for your brand», — we added. helped to form a new company’s style thanks to high-quality POS products, stylish catalogs, key visuals for each new collection, advertising materials for partners, and corporate souvenirs. Every item is done in a completely different, fresh style.

«Make your day with DaGo!»

 — invites the protagonist of the promo video we created for the company. And with this slogan, the sale of sneakers and shoes of the updated DAGO brand started.