CUP CLUB brand creation

Cup Club face the task of creating a brand for the new company, a vending network of coffee machines. The company itself did not position in the market before. So it all started from scratch.


Cup Club — the club of grain coffee connoisseurs.

The work on company’s positioning

Cup Club — is a club of grain coffee connoisseurs who meet the morning with a cup of fragrant drink in hand. Cup Club — mot just a vending coffee machines company, but an active community who need energy during the day and find it in a cup of aromatic coffee

Logo Development

Hipster key visuals: for everyone

Urbanism, modernism and hipsterism became the key images. 

We decided to abandon the banal picture: a cup of coffee near half-open lips and snow-white teeth. After all, different people drink coffee. That’s how the idea of using black and white characters, various in age, appearance, and character, came about. They do not look at the camera because they aren’t aimed to persuade you to buy coffee. They know you are with them: you are also in the “club”.

Retail and the key visuals 

We used three colors for branding Cup Club vending machines: corporate red, black, and metallic silver.

Since the customer is in direct contact with the coffee machine, it was vital to choose the materials carefully. We have used expensive technologies, such as ultraviolet printing and metal film coating. The reason is simple: coffee machines have an attractive appearance and impact the associations with the ready-made drink. It seems that coffee from such a machine is twice as tasty!