Branding for CIT IT & Media school


CIT IT & Media school is a territory of innovative learning for everyone! 

CIT Media School offers courses for teenagers and adults in many media fields: photography, journalism, computer literacy, graphic editing, and public speaking.

Moreover, CIT is coworking. Here you can rent halls for presentations, training, master classes, seminars, and lectures.

Insight. Slogan

Highlight and stand out

Here’s how we implemented the idea in the logo.

  • Authenticity: the cursor is stylistically similar to the unique letter “i”.
  • Dynamics: the logo symbolizes the continuation and movement: the cursor is leading the line.
  • Content: the cursor highlights the letters “IT” – one of the main activities of the brand.

Building a logo. A sequenced asymmetry

Although the logo seems to be asymmetrical, its borders form a square. In the internal construction, you can see the symmetry and order. We have achieved this, in particular, by using equal spaces between letters and other elements of the logo.

There is a variable text box on the logo. Its content can be different depending on the media and current needs. For example, this field may contain the text of a slogan or a website address.

Corporate colors and monochrome version

Advertising images creation

Learning is always an exciting process that opens up a world of new knowledge and opportunities. Therefore, working on the interior of the educational complex, we used images that are dynamically breaking into the world of change, and motivational inscriptions.

Navigation pointer system design

We developed a clear and understandable system of signs for the educational complex’s visitors. It simplifies navigation and helps to find the right audience or space.

A visual marker and key visuals

The cursor became part of visual identification and was successfully integrated into brand content. This element cooperates with blue dice: highlighted text headers and the primary communication messages or translucent separation of part of the image.