Branding of Lviv Regional Cheerleading Federation.


Lviv Regional Cheerleading Federation is an organization that unites the region’s sports clubs in cheerleading. It represents the Cheerleading Federation of Ukraine.

During the logo development we aimed to convey:

Professionality. “It’s just a show,” viewers often think. But, first of all, cheerleading is a sport that combines elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, and choreography.

Support. The cheerleader supports other teammates in training, demonstrations, and competitions. There is a sports competition between clubs. The federation’s goal is to support every cheerleader and promote sports and a healthy lifestyle.

The challenge: we avoided stereotypical pompoms or girls in skirts. Cheerleading is a sport open to everyone, regardless of gender. The logo is based on the idea of unity, equality, and support, and four combined silhouettes of cheerleaders transfer it to the viewer.

A branded pattern development

Silhouettes from the logo are transformed into a corporate pattern symbolizing the unity of cheerleaders, the administration of the federation and fans of this sport.

Merchandising and design of competition attributes. developed a stage for sports competitions for the first time. We were delighted with the process. We think we managed to properly integrate everything we wanted to convey in the logo, including the branding of attributes, scenes, navigation, and all the brand content of the competition.